Monday, February 20, 2012

Holy Dooley- it's a Miracle!

For those of you who might not have been following the amazing story of our little Dooley via his facebook page... you can go HERE to learn more details and see more photos. As a short update and summary recap of the inspiring story of Dooley, we start with the above sweet image of Brad and his dogs on his final family trip, playing in the surf near Mill Valley before the accident. Since Brad was diagnosed Oct. 1st with terminal cancer the Bagley/Vom Baur family decided to create a lasting memory together and enjoyed a final family vacation trip to Northern California Dec. 19th. Barbara's 3 Children and their families met them and enjoyed a wonderful last experience with their beloved parents. On their drive home Barbara, Brad, and their two dogs Delany and Dooley were in a terrible car accident that resulted in Brad's premature death after 11 days in the hospital. Delany was killed upon impact and Dooley was no where to be found. Barbara sustained critical injuries and was incredible in fighting through all of this ordeal. Kind and concerned individuals including a professionally hired Dog Search and Rescue expert set out looking for Dooley in hopes to provide Barbara with her missing dog after she had lost so much!
The Bagley family was told by the Search and Rescue team that they found Dooley's remains and that he had succumbed to Coyotes the day Brad passed away. Morning the loss of these three souls Barbara and her family had a funeral service for Brad and many a comment was made at the service about Brad's unconditional love for animals and for their sweet family pets. On Jan. 30th a call came in that a trucker had seen Dooley. Soon sightings came flooding in. Kurt, Barbara's son, was featured on the local news and more and more community support emerged. The hear warming efforts of people who were willing to give of their funds, time, and love to help this family in their hour of need has been inspiring to say the least. Traps were set, night watch video systems laid out, search parties assembled, flyers posted, social media campaigns began, the word was spread, and this family felt the concern and cares of all who helped.

Above is a picture of Barbara, one month after her accident, ribs shattered, broken wrist, head injury, covered head to toe in cuts/bruises, lungs collapsed, having had plates surgically placed in her chest, and yet climbing under a fence to find her dog.... now that is one determined lady!

After 54 days in the wilderness Dooley was recovered. Having lost 19 lbs. and upon arriving to the vet had a wild turkey bone removed from his throat, he is believed to have survived by eating snow, deer feces, coyote and wild turkey remains. It is also possible that he found a near by river to drink from. To read more about the amazing events that transpired go HERE.

Here is a photo of Barbara and her little buddy right after he was recovered. Thank you all so much for your prayers, support, donations, and efforts for this family. It means the world to us. If you would like to contribute to my best friend Bags and her family who is now facing serious financial hardship from funeral costs and extensive medical bills you can do so by clicking the PayPal button to the right of the screen. 100% of your donations aside from Paypal fees will go to the Bags and her family.

Also, please please write Ellen as we believe that her awesomeness and incredible generosity will lead to Barbara and the family getting on her epic show! Go here to endorse this story and feel free to reference this blog at any time in helping to spread the word. THANK YOU SOOOOO MUCH YOU LOVELY LOVE PEOPLE!

"There are only two ways to live your life. One as though nothing is a miracle. The other as though everything is a miracle." - Albert Einstein

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Coming Home

Barbara is home in Salt Lake City and is making arrangements for Brad's body to be flown back to Utah. I cannot imagine what it must feel like to come home to her empty house. What a massive part of her life lost and what shock she must be in! Fortunately, she has loved ones around her.

There have been so many people praying for this family, the grace in the human love and kindness that has been shown is a miracle to me. Thank you all.

Friday, January 6, 2012

Rest in Peace

Brad passed away this morning after a long hard night with Bags at his side. Heather said that she and her family have hardly had a chance to mourn as they are trying to learn about the next steps in this difficult time.

We also found Dooley's remains. He succumbed to Coyotes. The family will miss their two beloved dogs.

With the passing of Brad... Bags and her family need our help more than ever. There will be costs involved in his funeral, along with other major financial changes. If you can donate anything, even just $20 it will make a big difference for this family at this time. Please click the Donate button now.

Thank you for your prayers and support.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Do You Love Bags?

This is a picture of Dooley and Delani (Delani died on impact). We are still searching for Dooley.

If you would like to read a news article about the crash you can read it HERE.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

How to Help other than Donate

Photo of Chelsea and her family, Heather's older sister.

Photo of Brad, Kurt, and Barbara

There have been some hopeful developments on the efforts to find Dooley. Go Here to learn more.

Brad is still not doing very well. I just learned that he has fractures in his spine- both his back and neck and there is real risk of him being paralyzed. He needs prayers. Barbara is doing a bit better and is really appreciative of the efforts made to find her lost dog. We believe it will be a great help to her healing and well being if we can find him.

One of our friends suggested today that if you want to help support this family but are not able to make a direct donation you can go out of your way to get your car washed at Turbo Express Car Wash on foothill in Salt Lake City. So please if your car needs a wash, please make a trip over there. Thank you so much to all that are doing what they can.