Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Bags Needs Our Help

Yesterday I got a Skype message from my best friend Heather Bagley (for those who do not know her, Heather is affectionately called Bags by many of those who love her... hence the title of the Blog) saying that she had a family emergency and needed to talk to me. I called her and heard the terrible news that her mother Barbara Bagley, and step father Brad Vombaur were in a car accident yesterday driving home to Utah from their holiday trip to California.

Barbara and Brad are both in critical condition and have both sustained life threatening injuries and are at a Reno Nevada hospital in intensive care. The situation is terrible and heart breaking for many reasons. I have created this blog for the purpose of updating loved ones and also to call on help from all those who love Heather, her family, or even just care about me enough to concern themselves about my dearest friend's situation.

Just a few months ago Heather's step father, Brad, was diagnosed with colon cancer that had progressed to essentially a terminal level. The doctors have been treating him with Chemotherapy hoping he can buy extra time and her family has been in the midst of all of the difficulties that people face with a loved one in this situation. The obvious implications with the medical bills, heart ache, stress, and pain have been as difficult as one can imagine.

In light of his medical condition Brad has been unable to work which has left their business, Turbo Express Car Wash in Utah without his diligent care and attention. The financial consequences of all of that is happening to them in light of the current economic climate has been devastating.

With the setting of such hard times for this accident to happen, it is beyond my understanding why this family is having to bear so much at this time and I feel confident that all of you beautiful people will be willing to help them not take this on alone.

Both of Barbara's lungs collapsed and she has had internal bleeding from all of the broken ribs etc. Brad has sustained a broken pelvis and has bleeding on his brain which they want to operate on but cannot as his blood will not clot given his weak liver from the Chemo... etc. He is getting constant blood transfusions and they are watching him closely. I will update about their conditions but please please pray for them as they are in a precarious situation and it could turn either way at any moment.

One of Brad's and Barbara's greatest joys are their pet dogs. While driving home their two small dogs were in the car, having taken them along for the family vacation. Brad and Barbara love these dogs as family members. They have confirmed that their dog Delaney has been killed upon impact but cannot find their second dog Dooley. Kurt, Heather's younger brother has driven to the accident site looking for the other dog, hoping by some miracle they can find him. I will post a photo of him later in hopes people who live in the area can help find him. When I spoke to Barbara for a few seconds today the first thing she said in her weakened condition was, "I had a bad accident, we can't find my dogs." She is so concerned.

Heather has flown to see her parents and is with them both now, but is alone there, and has to pay for a hotel for the next few weeks. Her sister Chelsea is too pregnant to travel and has a toddler so isn't able to fill in for Heather at this stage. Kurt will be switching Heather at some point but we do not know how long they will be in the hospital for. The hotel costs are $65 a night. She also had to buy a $300 one way flight out there and had to put it on credit card. I am going to call up her hotel and try to get them to discount it in the morning. There are going to be thousands of dollars involved with insurance etc. for this family that is already struggling to carry the load of all that is happening to them.

As you can see the greatest need of all at this time aside from your emotional support and prayers is if you can contribute any amount of money to support Heather and her family. She has always been the most generous person and has done so much for others and has always brought joy to those who know her. If she hasn't directly served or blessed your life, I promise you that the world is a brighter and a more beautiful place because of her amazing ability to make people feel like they count and her upbeat energy and genuine effort to be wonderful to all she comes in contact with.

If everyone just contributed just $20 it would add up so fast and would really be a blessing to these people that need us right here and right now...

So PLEASE for the sake of community and to show hope and love at a time when it is needed most- show that YOU LOVE BAGS and click on the PayPal button to donate now anything to help take this one burden off her shoulders. 100% of the money raised, outside of the PayPal fees, will go to Bags and her family to cover the costs they will incur with this tragic event. They would never ask for this kind of help! I know that Heather is going to be embarrassed but touched by this effort from all of us. She doesn't even know about this blog yet.

IF YOU LOVE BAGS, please please help now- or if you appreciate the idea of helping someone, even a complete stranger, and how reaching out matters in this world, please contribute whatever you can.

Thanks guys- I know you will all do what you can. I just know it!!!!

Love you all-



  1. I love Bags. My support is on the way. Linds, please please let me know what else I can do to help!

  2. This is the saddest story I've ever read.
    Everyone should chip in and help this family. Economy should be the last thing on their mind.
    I hope my little donation will grow together with all your donations.

    -a european stranger

  3. Thank you Lindsay for putting this together! I am a friend of Barb's and I have sent the blog link to her friends at work, and I'm sure it will spread fast! Fingers crossed!

  4. We need to set up a paypal account in her name so people can go online and donate money easily just using cards are whatever. I'll look into it and if I can make one I'll put a link to this page

  5. We love you Bags, Always have, always will