Tuesday, January 3, 2012

How to Help other than Donate

Photo of Chelsea and her family, Heather's older sister.

Photo of Brad, Kurt, and Barbara

There have been some hopeful developments on the efforts to find Dooley. Go Here to learn more.

Brad is still not doing very well. I just learned that he has fractures in his spine- both his back and neck and there is real risk of him being paralyzed. He needs prayers. Barbara is doing a bit better and is really appreciative of the efforts made to find her lost dog. We believe it will be a great help to her healing and well being if we can find him.

One of our friends suggested today that if you want to help support this family but are not able to make a direct donation you can go out of your way to get your car washed at Turbo Express Car Wash on foothill in Salt Lake City. So please if your car needs a wash, please make a trip over there. Thank you so much to all that are doing what they can.

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  1. I haven't seen a better time to get your car washed, and there are people at the wash that are dedicated to helping the cause. I got my car washed today, for a wash with actual people drying and willing to help anyway possible, cleaning winter mats etc. You can't beat it. They even have free vaccums and car cleaning products